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Free Palestine • Watermelon

Free Palestine • Watermelon

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Palestinians deserve freedom from a tyrannical, genocidal government that dehumanizes them at every possible turn.

Even if there is a ceasefire, it will take DECADES to rebuild and we cannot restore the lives that have been lost.

Lives that had barely even begun.

Lives that were filled with war and terror.

Lives extinguished while the world watched on their phone screens.

People have always been the key to liberation.

When money, power, violence, and greed try to suppress us, collective action is what can move mountains.

Keep fighting. Keep living. Keep loving. 

100% of proceeds will be donated to Palestinian Children's Relief Fund who are working to provide humanitarian aid to the children of Gaza. My mama heart is broken. This is a small step I can make toward healing these beautiful, precious, and deserving of more, children. 

Product Details - 

- One A7 size print on tree-free, cotton card stock with neatly trimmed edges.

- Envelope included for use as a postcard.  

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