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Manifesting Magic Kit • Affirmation Card Set

Manifesting Magic Kit • Affirmation Card Set

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Manifesting Magic Kit

Fill your cup for less than the price of a full tank of gas. 

You know that part of your brain that feels almost impossible to quiet? The one that seems to have all the time in the world to conjure up the most ridiculous, anxiety-inducing thoughts to fill your silent moments with internal panic and distress? Yeah, that one.

What if you could rewire that part of your brain to use its deeply imaginative skills for good instead of evil?  Manifesting is the practice of actively imagining or envisioning the life you wish you live until those things you imagine become a reality. (You may be rolling your eyes or thinking, “Chloe….what the hell are you talking about?” but hang in there with me.)

I used to be like you. I used to think, “I’m high-performing, very intelligent, a good person. I don’t need a motivational quote to inspire me to get from point A to B.”
I was so unbelievably misguided about that. You see, the way the human brain works seems highly convoluted but it’s actually pretty straight forward.

The issue I ran into however, is that the logical part of my brain found it difficult to embrace the notion of thinking about "imaginary" things as my motivator for living my daily life in a more intentional way.


Think of something you want often enough and it will begin to inform the way you carry yourself daily, the decisions you make, the people you hang out with—the areas in your life these thoughts will impact are limitless.

I created the manifesting magic kit to give dreamers like us a tangible starting point to making even the wildest things in our imaginations a reality. I believe in doing things intentionally with positive energy; this is no different. You will make amazing things happen. 


Each Manifesting Magic Kit includes: 

(18) Letterpress printed cards, each with a unique affirmation

(4) DIY Affirmation Blank Cards

(1) Letterpress "How To" guide

(1) Velvet pouch to store


(1) Wooden stand for displaying card 

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